Frequently asked questions

Ground breaking new research shows that deer milk contains significantly higher protein than other dairy, meat and plant ingredients. Protein is integral to support your pets musculoskeletal system at all ages, particularly when recovering from injury, or pets as they grow, or as they enter their golden years.

  • Immune Support:  The good source of immunoglobulins present in deer milk helps to support your pet's immune system.
  • Calcium rich:  Calcium is a mineral essential for strong bones and teeth. Deer milk is a good source of calcium and other nutrients that help keep bones healthy.
  • Magnesium rich:  Magnesium is important for muscle function, energy production and a healthy nervous system.

Deer Milk is an emerging industry in New Zealand (and the World!) and has been pioneered by small group of passionate and innovative deer farmers from a a beautiful farm in South Canterbury. The family business is continuing to invest and develop their operation to provide deer milk to pets and humans for nutritional support all over the World. You can find out more at Deer Milking NZ

All Nutrideer ingredients are sourced from New Zealand farmers and manufacturers. It is the mantra of our mission to have quality, human grade ingredients, sourced ethically from New Zealand farms and manufacturers. Each ingredient was chosen carefully based on our background research.

Nutrideer have designed our doses based on a 3 gram serving scoop. Depending on your pet weight, a container of Nutrideer powder sprinkles is designed to last approximately 30 days. Bearing in mind this may be longer for smaller pets, or you may get through it faster if you have a larger animal.

Nutrideer is a nutritional supplement designed to add nutrient support to your pets existing balanced diet. Sprinkle the recommended dose on top of your pets food daily and enjoy the nourishing results.

Every pet is different and may process Nutrideer supplements differently. We would expect to notice a happier, healthier pet after your first 30 days use.

Nutrideer can be shipped overseas under a maximum 3 month personal supplement supply. International Shipping will be calculated at check out.

Deer Milk is the hero of Nutrideer formulations, but the benefits can be supported with other natural bioactive ingredients that can work synergistically to achieve benefits. We use ingredients that are supported by research and science, to cater to specific health benefits.

Our formulations and doseages have been carefully designed to focus on the naturally bioactive ingredients in each product.

No. All our ingredients are 100% natural. We do not use synthetic vitamins or minerals to formulate our supplements. The bioactive compounds are sourced based on how they naturally occur in the ingredients.

Due to the nature of our business, we do not do refunds or exchanges, so please choose carefully. While we have yet to see a turned up nose at our powders, if your pet does not like it, you could try mixing the powder with different foods, treats, water to see if they like it.

Yes. All our formulas are designed as nutritional supplements to support an existing balanced pet diet. Each formula has specific ingredients to target various health benefits, which can continue to support your pet throughout its lifetime as required.