Deer Milk - Nutrition's Exciting New Discovery

Deer Milk - Nutrition's Exciting New Discovery

Nutrideer sources deer milk from a beautiful family deer farm based in the foot hills of South Canterbury, where a small and passionate team have been pioneering the art of milking deer. They been refining the processes of this emerging industry and have uncovered some astonishing findings about the health and nutritional benefits of deer milk.

First and foremost, the taste of deer milk is exceptional. It is smooth and creamy with a sweet aftertaste that leaves many who sample it wanting more. Even when it is processed naturally into a powder, it has a rich, creamy, almost cheesy type taste………which is very appealing, particularly to our furry friends!

High Fat Characteristics

Uniquely, Deer Milk is 25% milk solids, compared to other milks which are 8-10% solids. Half of the solid content is milk fat.

Research has uncovered that deer milk is a naturally rich source of bioactive lipid compounds including omega fatty acids, phospholipids and gangliosides that are believed to play an important role in brain development and immune response.

Essential Fatty Acids
Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which play a crucial role in brain function, and normal growth and development. Omega’s 3’s help with inflammatory response in the body and Omega-6s help stimulate skin and hair growth, maintain bone health, regulate metabolism, and maintain the reproductive system.

The high % of quality fat in deer milk suggests that the complex lipid composition could be a better source of “good fat” nutrients than other milks or other natural fat sources for pet nutrition.

High Quality Protein

 Deer milk contains more than twice the amount of protein than cows milk, and also more protein than other meat, vegetable or plant based protein sources. High protein is important for many aspects of health, including supporting muscle and bone growth, particularly in in young pets as they develop, as well as pets who might be recovering from injury, and for those beloved pets as they age. Due to the rich protein content, deer milk could be a valuable source of essential amino acids vital to pet bodily function. Of the 16 essential amino acids available in nutrition, deer milk proves to be a good source across the board.


Lactoferrin is a highly regarded ingredient in supplements and nutrition products and has scientific basis for its antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is often isolated and extracted from the source and is commonly used in infant health , the elderly and the critically ill for immune support.

Deer milk exhibits high levels of lactoferrin, up to 9 times higher than cows milk. Lactoferrin promotes bone health in several ways. It can aid bone remodeling and potentially improve bone density, regulate and modulate chondrocytes to aid cartilage production, and balance the activity of bone-resorbing osteoclasts. It's also a wonderful ingredient for high energy dogs who experience aches and pains from over-exertion because it helps with the managing inflammation.

Vitamins and Minerals

The composition of deer milk suggest it is a natural source of specific vitamins and minerals important for optimal health, including;

Vitamin B
A natural source of Riboflavin (B2) and B12 which supports metabolism and body tissue health.

A natural source of zinc which supports immune health, anti-inflammatory support and can help with skin concerns like acne and skin damage.

this is vital in maintaining bone health and supporting heart and muscle function

Deer milk is also a natural source of Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin A, which are all important for supporting skeletal/muscle health and immune function.

this is the main carbohydrate in milk and an important energy source, but some pets may have trouble digesting it. Deer milk has one-third lower lactose than cow’s milk, which is appealing for those who have difficulty tolerating it but still require the protein energy source.

A recent 18-month-long clinical trial in human nutrition conducted by Massey University revealed that deer milk has a higher concentration of essential vitamins and minerals than other nutrient sources. What's even more exciting is that the benefits and results from this study can equally translate to nutritional support in our furry friends too!

Deer milk could be an excellent nutritional support for your pet, from a cat or dog to any other companion animal. Nutrideer are so very proud to be exclusively introducing this wonderful ingredient to our pet superfood powder product range.



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